The Kite


Kite Surfing

Punta Chame is the kitesurfing and windsurfing spot in Panama, which offers a safe navigation in its bay.  

From mid-December to April, the Caribbean trade winds coming from the North cross the mountains and get faster because of a thermal effect . Regular winds blow on Punta Chame during all that period of the year. They are often strong in the morning, then die down around midday, only to get stronger again near the end of the afternoon.
For 5 monthes, the wind is blowing almost every day between 15 and 30 knots.
The conditions are rather favorising for on-shore surfing, with wind waves going up to one meter. It's a perfect spot to start out, when the wind is moderate at midday, and is ideal for experts when the wind gets stronger.

You'll be able to try new tricks or attempt to get speed records on a lapping-less spot at "Claridad" situated in a bay 2 kms upstream of the main spot.

The water's temperature fluctuates between 24 and 27°C (75 to 80°F), and the air between 30 à 35°C (86 to 95°F) all the year. You will sail in shorts and T-shirts under the sun, along a wild and and natural beach, escorted by pelicans, frigate birds, vultures and various other birds.